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Away (preview)

by the broken wings

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Remember how you said this would not work? Remember killing captain kirk? The screen did glow Canceled the show Remember how I never learned To cultivate a love that's earned? The motion of the emotion must be Equal to the pain that she feels Remember all those frightened birds That screeched at you with hurtful words? Scattered so quickly You left them sickly Remember how I felt you in my heart? Before I seized a life apart A life of cold rays My skies are all gray The moon is the harvester I'm broken and flayed Shades of red stain these teeth Will you receive this plea? Shades of red stain these teeth Will you believe in me? Rotation kills
Bird Of Prey 03:20
I knew Tom Sawyer in past tenses He could not paint without fences He needed time for breaking even Every mealtime needs its seasons Follow the leader This museum fails to render How this bird could kill its sender Once around this small town racetrack Will leave us open to attack This is war Cancer feeds upon your young wife her lightning fades along with life These hands have held the final knife A piper pied without his fife Sound out the retreat Retreat
The leaves spiral down as stairs The ocean swims in our nightmares The fire cleans out our empty affairs The wind empties and then repairs Night into day Blue skies from gray Feels far away Tell this story to your daughter's heart She collapsed under the weight of an upturned cart Don't let yourself burn for a brand new start What would have been broken is a work of art White light from grey Newborn from prey So far away Our numbered days have multiplied Our cages have been set free Our living lungs have atrophied Our bitter debates will agree Our names are carved upon this bark Our love is a raging sea Our eyes are embers spitting sparks Our lips draw my air for me So far away From here
Gather around It's time to breathe our feelings He knew no love on earth He left a hole in the ground He was a desperate infection He was a running open sore Life has never been so wasted Drunk and superior Festered for years in an empty room Who'd like to pray for his redemption? Who'd like to live for his redemption? Who'd like to die for his redemption? Who'd like to kill? You? His sin was to live His sin was to learn His sin was to tell the truth His sin was to die alone Pre-chorus Chorus
White Horse 02:12
september was very cold heads down and our hands were full I'm not of a stilted mind I'm taking up all your time ride in on a white horse ride in on your white horse save me seems to me like a summer sun shines down upon everyone stop bathing in earthen tones no master can rule alone We're all riding on a white horse we're all riding on your white horse save yourself
Anthem 03:38
I sit behind a brick wall I built it for my safety My most desperate aching hope Is to see the other side Where you would warmly greet me And embrace me as your own This vision keeps me here Though it will never come to pass If a brick should crack I would mend it I'm too weak to bear that weight So I'll sit and dream about it until I finally drift away This is the wrong dream I burned the stairs to the ground This is a dead tree The roots are all lost in the sound This is a gray sky The wind will chill me to the bone This is a tempest I'm drifting and drowning alone This is an anthem This is my head against the wall This is a love song Where there should be no one at all
I knew a girl She lit up my world In my mind, she was wonder woman She did not feel the same about me I burned my heart down for it I am not myself when I am When I'm in my memory A disgusting projection of my Self-centered misogyny Another girl had been crushed by life Somedays she was Joan of arc I rejected her for rejecting me The only pain I cared about was mine (chorus)
This canopy can only hide so much This light that fills us is a crutch Why bring us here? Giving us desire Then you tease our fear Threaten with the fire This cruel game set in paradise is rigged Don't send us away This flesh in my teeth This lie on your tongue This hate in your heart This wind in my lungs We are forsaken Don't send us away
0/1 03:41
In the boathouse I will wash her from my hands Frankenstein I understand I understand Nature despises nurture The charges will build To a fatal display Refraction is pure But the scale is just grey I would know your hands are empty They hold you and I I live within your heart The ending of starts What is a number? Ones and zeroes define us I am one if you are zero I am zero if you are one I lost all my disheartened dreams My intentions are cured Twisted into braids I dream of your skin Touching my leg I would like to love a concept as beautiful as your lonely eyes You live within my heart The ending of starts I am one if you are zero I am zero if you are one
Once I dreamed about the oldest school Where they never knew compromise They never looked down They never looked back Saw life through starry eyes They never gave up They never settled down They taught me how to fly I never wanted to wake up to this lie Let's go down to the the hallowed ground Where the graves are humming the sound I'm not making a stand no more I remember that autumn night With the ghosts all swimming in the cold moonlight I'm not digging in the sand no more Grass-stained summer was winding down Our cult grew old and wise We tightened our bonds Loosened our belts Breathing in the sunrise Never give up Never take back We'll remember how to fly I go there now to remember the prize Chorus
Turn down the atmosphere It glows neon red in my fear All our passion flowers here The house is warm, the end is near Abandon, abandon me A million strings vibrate with life These tales of love don't satisfy My veins are full of sunny sky She only lives under the knife Abandon, abandon me Silver tongues will cry When the moon and stars collide You will never hear me lie You won't leave me til I die The ocean is the tears in your eyes Abandon, abandon me The desert is the fault in your disguise Abandon, abandon me The eye of the storm sees through all lies Abandon, abandon me The sunset is life's only prize
In The Dark 03:08
living in a time warp i will not grant you victory i will struggle til the engines lose their steam the blood that stains my bridal gown is the fuel that feeds your rectory it's the lifeblood of your darkest empty dreams drink deep and rip this dress down to the seams feel me feel me strike the drum taste me taste where i am from hold me in the dark let me feel the hum carried by the tidal flow the evidence will sink below our time will fade abd crumble into sand one day many years from now my lips will taste our last hello the sugar that will temper pain's command the sea will ache with longing for the land drink me drink my essence bare breathe me breathe my lips like air hold me in the dark and conquer my despair
Dear Angel, I write this letter from the room Where you and I once forged a bond of hope But now it holds a icy shade of gloom Dear angel, Without you stoking all these flames, I've lost the passion for our mission's goal No matter how many million smiles and checked-off names Dear angel, This is no Reindeer game Dear angel, Won't you guide my sleigh tonight One last time Dear angel, I'm close to losing hope Surrounded but all I feel is just alone This Christmas time is ending with a rope Dear angel, As I conclude this note I hope you find the things I could not give And know the crushing depths of my love in what I wrote Chorus
The embers glow, drifting ash in the air Wormwood dangles in a bloody sky My skin is a sham, desperate to join the snow Turn away now, don't let me destroy you too. The end has come Let's fade away Just one last dance We cannot stay There's no one here There's no one way The world has turned This rainbow gray Burn my heart out It died a thousand years ago Tear my heart out It died a thousand years ago Alone This bridge will collapse and crumble to dust This coda will fade like a tower to rust This wind will make sand of these stones in their prime This chorus will assault every note in the line Cut my heart out It died a thousand years ago Alone This wind will chill these bones in time This verse will betray all the words that rhyme In time


This is a set of rough demos for my new album I'm working on


released January 12, 2019


all rights reserved



the broken wings Keizer, Oregon

The Broken Wings is the musical project of Geoffry Parks Jr. His music varies between post-punk, acoustic and rock in the early nineties lo-fi vein. He has played with a band and is always looking for other musicians to play with. His lyrics are ethereal and interpretive, in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel and Jawbox. ... more

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